When to harvest Turnip Greens?

KendraSchmidtMay 11, 2012


I'm growing Turnip Greens for the first time and I'm unsure of whether or not I can harvest my greens now. It has been unseasonably cold here, but the weather is beginning to warm up and I'd like to get to my vegetables before the heat ruins them. I've taken a picture of my turnip greens. Can someone please let me know if it's okay now for me to harvest the leaves at this size? I have no idea if they grow as large as collard greens or not.


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

They do not grow as large as collards at all. They are actually quite different. Collards put up a strong central stalk and the leaves grow off the stalk something like branches from a tree. Turnips, on the other hand grow straight out from the root making a cluster of leafy stalks in somewhat of a fountain shape. Your greens look very good. You can harvest them now for sure. You can just cut the leaves off and the plant will make more, or you can pull up the entire plant root and all. They will be good until your weather starts hitting into the high eighties with regularity. You'll want to get them all in and eaten or frozen before then.

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Those look good. Pick the biggest leaves and eat them. (I cut them off with scissors because I'm a klutz.) Like Donna said, they'll grow new leaves out of the center. Repeat every couple of days.

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I let mine grow a day or two longer because they cook down so much. Yours are certainly OK to harvest though, and they look delicious.

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I would pick the large leaves on all but one plant. Let that plant's leave get bigger, then cook the large leaves by them self & taste test them, then you will KNOW what size leaves you like best.
I had turnips all Winter & never had any as pretty as yours.
I plant more collards then I need, so I can pick them young,small & tender. If I have more then I can eat, I can them or give them to friends who do not garden as much as I.

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