Water fountain on brick courtyard and efflorescence

richard904September 5, 2008

Last autumn we had a brick courtyard built for the entry way for our house. It replaced an old brick courtyard. At the same time we had a small level platform built in the middle of the courtyard to accomodate a water fountain. Very good paver brick was used and a super stone mason did the work. The typical efflorescence from the bricks disappeared over the winter. About a month ago we finally found a fountain we liked and had it installed. The fall of the water causes random splashing which leaves a circle of water around the fountain on the bricks except when the hot overhead sun evaporates the water quickly. The bricks have not been sealed yet. Now we notice a very light white color on the bricks that are exposed to this random splashing. It may be efflorescence from the bricks there which stay damp too much, but maybe it is just minerals in the evaporated water that settles on the bricks. The fountain is concrete, so there may be a tiny bit of leaching of minerals from the fountain which contribute to the slight white color. Is there anyone who has a similar experience and what is the cause? One way or another we will carefully clean those bricks and seal the whole courtyard

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Where I live our water is very high in dissolved minerals -- every fixture and surface will develop a white film of mineral buildup if not cleaned regularly. I also run vinegar through the coffemaker to remove the mineral buildup.

Sealing your brick will make it easier to clean, but won't prevent the mineral deposits from forming.

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I am assuming the fountain recycles the water from a container (pond?)of some sort. Perhaps you could filter the water as you refill or use distilled water as it does sound like mineral deposits.

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