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DCRangerSeptember 12, 2013


Our new home is less than one year old. We're out in the country on a dead end dirt road. 500 foot gravel driveway. Front of house faces due South. Backdrop for house is Maple, Black Cherry, Ash, Poplar forest. Large front, side and back yards, with hay fields which have some roll to them. We're in Zone 4b Michigan. Yard and flower beds are in. Now it's time to select some trees for the front and side yards. Back yard can wait until later since we have the woods behind us. We're considering two Canada Flowering Cherry trees on the East side of house. Some October Glory or Autumn Blaze in front of two bump outs in front; perhaps some native sugar maples further out in the yard and finally my DW would like some Redbuds planted somewhere. Attached are some pics in my photobucket album. Wil tackle the long driveway approach as funds allow, but we have some landscaping boulders that we may want to make into a decorative rock garden in the bend of the driveway. Any suggestions or thoughts on our tree selection and location. Thank you.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

Great looking house in a fantastic site!

I love our October Glory. This was planted as a 6' tree about 4 years ago. This is a late afternoon picture. It is a clean tree as is our Autumn Blaze in the back (it is growing faster, different drainage). I have tried a couple of sugar maples, but have been disappointed, maybe I don't have the patience - they might just grow slower. They are all good for attracting Robins for nesting.

Redbud are nice because of the early season color. You have choices on those (depending on what your garden center has), either multi-branch or single trunk. That is a personal choice on your part. You would want to place those where they can be easily viewed from inside, dining area?

Most of the trees on the north and west are deciduous and will drop their leaves. Will that make a lot of work for you back there? Personally, I like a spruce or two, they would be good for wind blocks. However, you might not need that with the woods there. If you are new to that house, you might not know what happens in the winters (that changes a lot recently).

I think that your ideas are good, what about some perennials in front? I didn't see much away from the house, just those immediately in front. Or, are you just considering trees at this time? You might consider some shrubs to help the overall look. The shrubs might be hedge-like or not. Tall 7'+ or something under 4'.

Ask at your local garden center about discounts. If you purchase one or two, they won't make a deal. But if you are talking about 10 at a time, then you might get a small discount (or free delivery).

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Jim - Thanks. We'll probably stick with just trees for now. We have lots of conifers around, so will stick with deciduous in the yard. Yes we have about 80 perrenials around the house. DW and I are not big hedge fans so we stayed away from them. We've been through a winter here and it's very nice and the woods to the North helps considerably. That OG of yours is beautiful! Thanks again for the inputs.

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