How to remove/fix wet look sealer on concrete

ftpcitySeptember 4, 2007

I applied a coat of "Behr Wet look sealer" this weekend over stamped concrete. I did this over the weekend. I now find that the surface is too slippery when wet.. I should have done some research online prior to applying this sealer.

What is the best way to remove this wet look sealer? Are there other alternatives to make it less slippery? I heard about some additives that can be added to the sealer/paint to make it slip resistant. Can I add this additive to the sealer and paint another layer on top of the existing sealant?? Please advise.

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Send an email to your Behr products people. They should know better than anyone.


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I ran into this. I ended up with the most potent stripper at Home Depot and a drill with a 3" wire brush bit. It may not have been the best way, but it did work. Very nasty.

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If you want a wet look, then try used peanut oil. It doesn't last long, but if you have a fryer, you'll have a steady supply. Apply sparingly.

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Hold up! Don't put a stripper on this. Your sealer has bonded to your concrete and if you do this you are compromising the top layer of your concrete. jamyhead will find out what happens in a few years. When concrete finishers "float" the concrete back and forth during the finishing phase of concrete placement, they are bringing up the fine particles and moving the large particle down inside the mix. If you strip the sealer, you compromise the top layer. Go back to where you bought Behr and ask them for a slip resistant additive. If they don't have it, go to a specialty paint store. You probably purchased this at Home Depot. They won't have what you are looking for. Go to a Porter Paint or other specialty. Make sure you bring a can you used. You want to use the same product type as before. This will keep your wet look and make it slip resistant.

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Hold up???

I think after waiting from September 2007 until May 2009, this standard has already been met. ;-)


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