Concrete Walkway between Buildings

bantoniewiczSeptember 2, 2010

Does anyone have any experience with pouring a concrete walkway between buildings? Our gangway was torn up during our home renovation and after considering continuing the planned brick paver walkway down the entire building, we're now settling in on concrete - cost and water 'safety' issue. I'm unclear on the steps for creating forms when they are between buildings. Any advice, suggested/recommended readings, etc. appreciated. Thanks.

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From my experience it is not a good idea. The reason is that it is difficult to do and you need to place expansion joint material on either building side. One way is to place oil coated 1x4 screed edges to be pulled out right after the concrete is cured enough to walk on and then replace the boards with clean sand or expansion joint felt with caulking. Place cross joint scores every 4 feet with an expansion joint with felt every 15 feet. You will get cracking, you just want to control it. I would go with a paver stone because it will be easier to fix problems from sub-grade and when you want to redo it it will be much easier and the original paver are reusable and can be resold. Aloha

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