Why does the 'boring' stuff always have to come first?

peachymomo(Ca 8)September 30, 2010

I want to plant roses and grapes, but there are so many other necessary things that need to be done first.

My plan is for the front yard to be my 'secret garden' inspired rose and flower garden. I'm inspired to do a secret garden because the space is already closed in on 4 sides and very private, plus I've wanted my own secret garden ever since I read the book as a child. But before I can plant a single rose several things need to be done first - a large Liquidamber tree and all of it's surface roots need to be removed. Then the hardscaping needs to be installed, we want to have a small patio, some paths, and stone beds. Then the spot needs to be prepared for the fountain and electricity needs to be run in, and as long as we're doing electricity I figure we should do the lighting. And then the irrigation needs to be installed, and finally after all that I will be able to plant my flowers.

The really depressing thing is I won't be able to do anything in the front yard until the backyard is done, and it needs even more work. We need privacy screening to block out views of the neighbors, a new shed in a better place, remove the old shed, remove the weird roof extension and install a pergola for shade instead, build an arbor for grapes and kiwis, install a large stone patio, and finally plant the 'meadow' in the back for the dogs to play in. The back needs to be done first because I don't want dogs in the front during and after the install of my flower garden.

My rational brain knows that this is the correct order and everything will work better if done this way. But my inner rose addict wants to plant lots of roses right now. So I'm trying to have the best of both worlds by planting my roses in large pots while I wait for the 'boring' projects to be completed first. I wonder how many years it will be before I have my secret rose garden...

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Why does the 'boring' stuff always have to come first?

1. Because we have to earn the 'good' stuff.

2. It's all a sinister plot.

3. Because otherwise we'd never do the 'boring' stuff.

4. It's the dogs' fault.

Condolences at the delay. Sounds lovely -- and I hope you'll post photos. But watch out for Rose Rosette Disease.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Ok, I'm weird. That is the fun part. Ripping out stuff. I feel so powerful when I successfully remove large roots and smallish trees. What a felling of accomplishment. And laying stone, my favorite past time. The plants are the icing.

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The fruits of your labor will be rewarded by doing the so called boring stuff first. Instant gradification for this project will come with great disappiontment. So you are on the right track. If you want those roses sooner try growing in the large pots as you say. Put in an area that won't get in the way of the project area. You can also dig holes and place those pot in the holes to be lifted and planted when ready. Some can be placed above ground level and some placed in dug holes. Kind of a win win. Don't forget to use annuals to also give great color and interest during the growing season. It is a compramise you may beable to live with. I agree get pics of before during and after. Watch it evolve I think you will be suprised and quite pleased with the results.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Thank you, your comments made me feel much better. I just had to vent, especially since the money I saved up for landscaping just got spent on replacement windows. I know it was the better way to go, the windows will make the house much more energy efficient and save money on heating and cooling etc. But I wanted to use it to improve my landscape! I think it really is a sinister plot to delay my rose beds. But I will triumph in the end! And I'll definitely post pictures along the way, thanks for all the advice and support :o)

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I bought a place a little over two years ago. So I know exactly what you are talking about. So many things are in front of the garden. Although being on my own I frequently go outside the guidelines and buy a plant I can't resist.

Right now the garden is on a ten year plan and I'm not that far off the plan. Even if I did have to stop and fix the shower in the master bath and then paint it and repair the rotted wood on the shed and paint it. Did I mention fixing the cracks in the driveway blacktop?

So you've got company. BTW I love your title for this topic.

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You'd better enjoy the boring stuff--money aside, because it comes around more often than you think. The thing is we humans are prone to changing our minds, and nothing is ever perfect. We spend 10 years getting it just the way we thought we wanted it and wham we have another idea that we think is better and we want to change it.

Such is life, so enjoy what you are doing when you are doing it. Keep your eye on the prize but live in the moment not in the future.

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