ground squirrels

mel555May 2, 2012

I have a terrible population of ground squirrels. if I start everything indoors then transplant when its a decent size will my garden stand a chance?

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Ground squirrels will eat your plants at any stage, if they choose to do so. They don't always mess up vegetable gardens, however, if you say you have a LOT, then you may have problems. I see a few of the thirteen-line type here & there, as well as chipmunks, but none have ever done much damage to my garden. They seem to care more about the birdfeeders than anything. The main problem I have is the holes they dig all over the place, which leads to a yellowjacket nest, which leads to me getting stung.

In a residential area, there aren't many predators going for rodents, so you'll need to control them yourself, should you decide that's in order. One surefire way to get rid of them is to place Decon out in late summer, when they are gathering up their food for storage. They'll stash it, eat it over winter, and obviously never come out in spring.


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I have just 3 words for you....GET A CAT.

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

2 years ago I got all gung ho on my small backyard veggie plot, expanding it, bought a bunch of starts and then IT CAME. The dreaded California ground squirrel. It had a white spot on its back so I know it was just the one. It ADORED cuke seedlings, radishes, squash, tomato, anything and everything - eating the seedlings entirely to the ground. I tried everything - fox urine, stuff with blood, sprinkled cayenne, made a hot pepper spray, traps, poison, netting - I saw that spawn of satan walk on top of the netting and use his own weight to bring himself down to the seedling! I went out of my mind!! Seriously. I spent every spare moment looking out the window! It was ridiculous. Unfortunately I can't discharge firearms within city limits, otherwise he woulda been a goner early on.

I was so disheartened that last year I made my hubs do the veggie garden. This year I'm back in force - only because the ground squirrel is gone! We still have tree squirrels but they don't touch the veggies.

A single ground squirrel can make your life HELL. I shudder at the thought of veggie gardening in a large population of them!

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Spent half of last summer obsessing about the TREE squirrels ravaging my garden and fruit trees.

Tried humane traps, tried kill traps, tried squirrel poison, tried a rat zapper, tried homemade poison (gopher bait mixed with peanut butter).

Only got 3 squirrels with the rat zapper. Insignificant compared to the massive hordes of squirrels that came from the adjoining park lands.

Finally got a cat.

Problem solved, squirrels stay off the property now.

It is much, much more pleasant to focus on feeding and patting a cat, then to focus on killing squirrels.

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A .22 works great when you use CB caps, which are equal, or less, in volume than an air rifle. Also, look up the Big Bore Blowgun, which is a rather powerful and accurate blowgun that you can shoot broadheads with. People use it for small game hunting and pest control, and it is silent. As for cats, well, I'd rather have the squirrels. In my opinion, it is irresponsible to get a cat and let it roam outside, unless leashed or in a fenced yard. I have zero tolerance for cats on my property, because they seem to ignore every living creature, except songbirds. The worst part is, they like to kill birds for fun, and just leave their killings laying there, only to move on to the next bird.


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I finally got so fed up with them that I made raised beds and I lined the bottom with 1/2" wire mesh. It's the ONLY way I've been able to keep them out.

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

Blowguns sounds pretty good, too bad they are illegal in CA.

forensicmom - did you do anything above ground, that's where my problems were.

I keep thinking I want to get some fruit trees but I am leery of the tree squirrels and the birds...

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No, mine were eating the roots of the plants. In my area (central Maryland) we call them voles. I did have problems with rabbits and groundhogs as well, so I built a fence out of chicken wire to keep them out. So far, it's my second year and they haven't gotten in yet. Although, it does look like Fort Knox!

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

We have voles too, one took up residence in my backyard but I think it was just the one. Looked pretty cute.

Forgot to mention that I also tried fake snakes, the "Pool of Death", cat fur, and a scarecrow - none of which worked. I don't remember trying mothballs, will have to try that next time. I'm feeling lucky this year, so far no rodent issues *knock on wood*.

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em - you got a good cat that will chase tree squirrels. Mine ignore them. They're death on the ground rodents, though.

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I don't have a problem with Ground Squirrels I have Deer please help

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skycopp(Maryland -7a)

One of these hooked up to a radio has been working for me.

Also, this did a real good job for me in the past.

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Please tell me what the difference is between ground squirrels and gophers. I never see the critters that are in my garden but there are about 40 holes scattered throughout my beds, not necessarily a mound but a good clean hole. I have tried to drown them which I discovered is nothing but a waste of water because I could see the water running down through some of the holes, 2/3rds of an acre away. Pretty impressive tunnel system, I have to say. BUT, they must go but I want to be sure to deal with the right critter. Is there any difference? Thanks, Kat

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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)

rat traps baited with peanut butter for will catch chipmunks and ground squirrels I can make them hold squirrels but won't post how for respect of not offending some one

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I'm in N.Ca, built a 20ft.x 4ft. raised bed, filled it with soil, laid weed coth, planted 20 cucumber, squash starts scattared snail bait, went to the store, came home almost everything was eaten by squirrels. It's on!!! I am mad, "I want some fresh veggies".

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