Help with designing a low 'seperation' wall ...

toffee1September 29, 2010

I am trying to add a low (say 18"), narrow (12"?) and about 25ft long wall to separate my flagstone patio (pinkish) from the grass area. I shall try to upload a drawing and photo. But basically it's the house, connected to flagstone patio (10ft x 50ft), then grass. On the other side of the grass facing the patio/house is a raised flower bed by round rocks about the size of basketball.

The little separation wall will be used to put flower pots on to of it and occasional sitting too.

What method and material should I use that will mesh well with the pink flagstone, green grass and gray/brown rocks?

I am debating woodform/stucco vs woodform/flagstone vs same round rock as bed vs just redwood ....

I am open to all ideas.

Thanks for helping.

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I like that wall is smooth "S" shape,shrub and rock mix,increase some nature,soft separate wall.the house should not separate from the garden very is afford too.

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How about a wall made of the same pink flagstone, or a concrete block wall faced with and topped with the flagstone.

Make it wide enough to sit on.

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#2 sounds cheaper.

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I like lazygarden's idea of concrete blocks then stucco the sides with flagstone top for seating. Since it's a seating wall, the height is like 16", do I need to worry about a footing?

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