can you help identify what kind of hardscape this is?

M_N_ASeptember 26, 2013

the first one should be interlocking paver

what is the 2nd one? is it tile, natural stone, or paver? it's smooth without much gap or groove

another very stupid question, can you put tiles in landscape, like you do in a bathroom floor? do you need a concrete base?

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bottom pic looks like travertine pavers

Tile's too thin for outdoor application unless it's applied to a solid surface (like a slab) but even that is climate dependent - we did tile patios in CA and AZ we could never do in VA

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ditto what marcinde said.

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thanks for the help. but I have seen or terracotta tiles used in patios or tiles with exterior application rating, such as this one

will those work?

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With impeccable installation in Miami and San Diego Ca., and Brownsville, Tx. Not in Anchorage or Chicago.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

Not only is the thickness and porousity of the tile climate dependent but the proper installation techniques are also required ; using a more aggressive / intensive / flexible / sealant installation measures to ensure longevity of use.

I've seen a cross section of stone , concrete and clay body based tiles curl and pop off their concrete substrate due to extreme temperature differences within on day , over a period of time ( 105 day time and 40 degree night time) - Some , not all, of these site specific installations were able to be saved by using a more flexible thinset and grout such as a laticrete system plus proper sealing against water infiltration.

If you are considering using a tile that is not commonly seen in your climate it might be because it has been tried and failed OR it failed because some of the newer technologies hadn't come to market yet and it may be possible to have a satisfactory long lasting outcome.

Doing your reseach, like it appears you are doing is the best way to be educated in determining whether or not your chosen material and be properly laid... and last.

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got it. thank you all so much!!

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