TheMasterGardener1(5B)December 12, 2011

I have been posting alot of posts on here. It being winter here, I love gardening so much and can't do it right now :)

Where I am sure a lot of southern gardeners are laughing at me right now, a lot of others know how it is ;)

Just wanted to ask about peoples experience with Dyno-gro products, I see Al suggests Foliage Pro, anyone have experience with any of their other products?

The Gro-tek pro 0-0-3 Silicate caught my eye as I see the same product for twice the price as that.

I am about to go buy a few products from them. I grow a wide range of veggies so a few different products are on my mind. Can anyone help me to not end up buying everything

they have, it is tempting!!!

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Why is this stupid question I asked at the top of the forum still? It wont go away????

I answered my own question. It will be: foliage-pro, Grotek-pro, and bloom. Was going to ge the bloom booster but thought I would stay with the basic bloom for now.

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MasterGardener, I use FP 9-3-6 religously with excellent success. I also supplement with the ProTekt 0-0-3 when the buds & blooms start to appear (I back off a bit on the FP dose when I do this). I highly reccomend both! =)

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Thank you very much.

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I am sorry, it is "Dyna-gro".


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