Shade container plants for nothern California?

anchita(Bay area, CA)December 4, 2010

We have recently moved to Bay area (north San Jose) and are in a rental apartment with only a patio available for gardening. It gets only morning sun, between 9 and 12 and then bright shade. I was wondering about suggestions for some container plants in such a location? Flowering ones would be great, but I do like plants for their interesting foliage and form too. I want to get one dwarf conifer that we intend to use as a small, living Christmas tree. I've never grown a conifer before, much less in a container, so any pointers or guidance in that directions would be very welcome. I've asked in the California forum (and conifer forum about the conifer) too, but figured I'd ask here as well, for information specific to container gardening. Thanks in advance!

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I live in SF and have a mostly shade garden. My favorites for containers are fuscias, abutilons (flowering maples) and Japanese maples. Some of the varieties in each handle shade better than others.

Other good ones are impatients, begonias, ferns, hostas and hellebore. Good luck and have fun! Lots of good stuff can grow in a shade garden :)

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I have a patio in SF that gets roasting hot sun about 4-5 hours a day in summer, and shade the rest of the time. The best container plants for me that grow especially well in part shade are:

Plectranthus argentus
Helichrysum petiolare
Agave attenuata
Bacopa "Gold 'n Pearls"
Colocasia fontanesii
Cyperus involucratus
Cyperus papyrus

I have the water-loving ones on a drip of course - they'd fry in a day otherwise!

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