Pimento Pepper?

TanyaMoon(7)May 12, 2012

Is there anything special I should know about Pimento Pepper plants? I've never seen one before and had to have it! Naturally, lol, I bought two!

Any growing tips or advice is appreciated! Thanks!!


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Some grow a thick-ish/hard skin, but the pepper inside is generally great tasting. If you have a particularly thick skinned pepper they're great roasted/peeled. If it's thin skinned you can treat it like a bell or other pepper.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Not different than any other pepper. I grow them instead of bells.

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I've never grown them before. I read completely different things about whether they are good to eat fresh, or not. Roasted or grilled? Not sure if I would like them or not.

I'm trying 'Lipstick' cultivar this year, which is not that common but seems to get very positive comments. It might be kinda half pimento, half longer roaster type.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I use pimentos the same as I use bells ... raw, sauteed, roasted, and stuffed. They have a sweet flavor.

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Basically, if you've grown one pepper you know how to grow them all. The only real differences is that some are slower growers than others.

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I grow the 'cheese' type like Natal has shown above. They're wonderful roasted(I roast them on the grill)! I try to stock the freezer with roasted peeled strips for use all winter long. I add them to everything from eggs and pizza to chicken salad. They're great raw too, but I think roasting brings out the sweetness. I also grow some Sheppard types and use them the same way.

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pennypond USDA 10 Sunset 21 CA

Mine was productive, beautiful, sweet, tasty, and thick-walled. But there are many many seeds inside the cavity, and I think they are not as easy to remove as with a bell.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I too several of the cheese-type pimentos instead of bells, for their thick walls, and because the ones I've grown ripen faster than most bells. They are not as tasty as bells when green though, IMO, nor are they necessarily as sweet when ripe.

"Alma Paprika" is a pimento-type pepper that is rather unusual, in that the immature peppers are cream colored rather than green. I generally use it dried (it makes a rich, sweet, deep red paprika) but it can also be used as a pimento. This pepper has an impressive yield, so it is worth trying. It's the only one I've taken photos of.

Alma Paprika

"Tennessee Cheese" is fairly large, and has a moderate DTM for ripe peppers. The walls are thick & have a low moisture content, so you can chop them without them turning into mush... which makes it great for canned salsa. The ripe flavor is not really sweet, I guess I would call it "smokey". It doesn't taste hot, but don't rub your eyes after cutting them.

"Sheepnose" is similar to "Tennessee Cheese", but smaller, and has a better yield.

"Greygo" is the largest cheese pepper I've ever seen; they will get 4-5" across. The walls are extremely thick, about 1/3 of an inch. This is one of the sweetest ripe peppers I've grown; it has very little of the aftertaste so common in bell peppers. The wife & I eat them like apples.

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Greygo is the one I grow. I got seed from a GW member a few years back. I've been looking for other cheese types to try, but it looks like Zeedman has done the trials for me, lol. I do really love this one.
I do have one other that I'm trying this year. I have had the seed for many years and didn't think I would get any germination, but I have one plant. It is called "Kishinev"(purchased from Nichols Garden Nursery in 1999)and I haven't seen any information on it recently. Don't know if it's a dud or not. I grew it one time in 2003 and got one fruit that had one seed in it. It was small, and I don't remember the flavor or if I grew it in the ground or in a pot. If I can get this one plant to grow, I'll post photos when I get fruit.

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