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cwatson906September 6, 2012

Hi there. First time posting, have read several related posts but have been unable to find av direct answer.

I have been redoing my backyard this summer and part of the project includes a flagstone pation (away from the house). The area is 15'x15' with a curved front. I have already removed the sod and soil down to a more than needed depth. I have compacted crush to a depth of 6-7" throughout. I added sand on top (1-2" in depth) but don't think I have the right height. The stones I am using are 2-3" in depth but I have about 4-1/2" left to final height. Is there such a thing as too much sand if i add another inch or so. It would mean 3" of sand in some locations onm top of the 6-7" crush on top of hard packed clay. Please advise if I should remove the sand and add crush or if another inch or so of sand will be bad. I am worried that too much sand could allow for movement of the stones. Thanks

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

There is a tipping point of too much sand, especially if the sand is not angular in shape.
( all sand is not created equal )

If I was in your situation I would use compacted crush to take up the space vs the sand.

Sand is usually used to make the setting of unguaged stone easier for the mason.
You don't need very much sand if the thickness of your stone is fairly consistant , a half inch to 1 inch is usually enough to do the trick.

To ease your conscience a little, the relative thickness of your stone works to your advantage . The thicker the stone , the less it usually shifts, especially if you are using large pieces.

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