Sweet Potatoes in buckets?

sweetquietplace(6 WNC Mtn.)December 24, 2012

This is my first visit to the Container Forum and I'm hoping someone can tell if I can grow sweet potatoes in a five-gallon bucket and let the vines trail down over a stone wall. Or, do the vines have to make contact with the soil? I've never grown sweet potatoes and don't really know what to do with them.

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A five gallon bucket wouldn't allow much space for the tubers to develop. I'd go with a rectangular tote that gives bigger surface area and more soil.

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annew21 (zone 7b NC)(7b NC)

The vines don't need to make contact with the ground. But they often re-root and you get some extra potatoes that way. Not sure how that would work with containers, but it happens when they're grown in-ground.

I've read that containers work fine. You'll want deep ones. Think about the size of an average sweet potato, and then imagine you'll get about 6 of those from each plant. I guess that will tell you how much space you need.

Since you've never grown them before, be sure to read up on curing and storing them. You need to cure them in a warm place after you dig them, then store them in a cool location for 6-8 weeks so the sugars develop.

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