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acierno1September 9, 2012

My now husband did nothing to the front landscaping for the 10 years that he owned our house. :) I tried my hand at landscaping, but failed terribly by planting Incrediball Hydrangeas and Emerald Gaiety shrubs... it looks terrible! I would like to maybe just start with some nice full shrubs for the front of the house...somethign with seasonal interest.... maybe a dwarf japanese maple?? What would YOU do if you had to do landscaping on this home? We will probably be moving in the next couple years, so I really want this to have great curb appeal but my landscaping skills are hopeless :)

Thanks in advance,


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Where are you? What zone?

Charming house; nice detailing around the door and above the windows. Also a good foundation that doesn't need hiding - the low courses of brick only needs a hosing off to get rid of the splashback. A nice layer of natural colored mulch would keep that from repeating.

Truth be told - I like the house as it is. If I were selling it, despite feeling the urge to tart it up, I might resist and leave it alone. If I bought it, I'd want to put my own stamp on it. The one thing you can never count on is the next owner caring for anything you install.

A nice clean yard has a lot more potential than one with plants/trees/shrubs plopped in willy-nilly.

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