Asparagus issues - any hope?

mtam0707May 8, 2012

Last year I planted 16 crowns of asparagus & luckily, all 16 took. The ferns looked beautiful and died back, as planned around November. We cut the dead plant back, covered the ground with mulch & waited. About two months ago, we saw two plants sprouting asparagus spears from the ground. One at a time, but still: SUCCESS! Then one more plant did the same and since then, nothing. We are concerned for the other 13 plants, since we don't see any signs of life. The three that grew were all next to each other, so there is a wide space of nothing.

Should we give it time? Is it normal for the plants to come up in staggered stages, even though they originally took off at the same time? Should I try digging to see if I can find evidence of damage?

I should say that we live in Southern California and the area we planted our asparagus is in-ground & has a drip line, giving the space water on a timer. Soil is not too moist, nor too dry. We have fine, sandy soil and no clay. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

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asparagus crowns sprout when they sense an abundance of water. You may be underwatering them.


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