Please Help! Any ideas appreciated!

herstie80September 30, 2012

I have no idea where to start with the landscape in my front yard. I am stumped with the bay window and when and where to plant things.I really want to keep it simple with evergreens for ryear round and can add pops of color with annuals.And yes the weird thing above the bay window is awful but have to work with what I have for now :)

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The picture is a start, but you should post one that is larger, clearer, brighter and shows more... include clue to where your driveway is. Where's the front door? There are no small trees helping the house look connected to the landscape. Instead, it looks recently placed in spite of the fact of its showing some age. (If it were mine I'd consider a different paint color; it could be a significant improvement.)

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If the trim and house color were a closer match the bay window wouldn't stand out so much. Something to go with the rock work. If someone could photoshop your house colors you would see an instant improvement. The house isn't bad looking and landscaping could tie it all together.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Tell us what the columns are for. Could they be made into an arbor of sorts? What zone are you and what direction does the house face?

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Basic tip: Use your entire canvas as your design space; that is, all the space from the house to the property line. That doesn't mean you need to fill it, but USE it as part of the design. There is a tendency, when looking at a flat photo, to do flat design, as in flat against the house, usually with disappointing results. Three-dimensional design doesn't come naturally to everyone, but it helps to look out your windows to imagine how you'd like to frame your views, or where you would like to focus your views from inside the house.

You will get more replies by adding a few more photos from different angles, some further out and some closer in.

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