Neat way to root avocados

moochinkaDecember 12, 2013

Hi - get a little net bag, the kind that holds onions, or covers a fruit box at the supermkt and (usually) has a metal clip closing off one end. Then using a tall container, vase, etc., put the closed (clipped) end of the 'bag' into the vase about an inch or two, draping the open end over the vase edges and fasten it there with an elastic.

Put the avocado pit, once the skin's dried for a day or so, into the net cradle so it rests with only about it's top quarter above the vase. If necessary, pull down the outsides of the net (remove elastic) to hold the bulb comfortably, and then fill the vase with water to about halfway up the bulb. And make sure to keep it filled as the bulb can take a month to 6 wks to split, at which time you'll see the main root come out from the bottom. Leave it all alone except for keeping the water level up until you see growth from the top of the bulb and then it's up to you to plant the whole thing in soil (you can cut the bottom root shorter once you also see that smaller roots are growing from it... and those should not be cut. No more fiddling with nails or toothpicks to hold the pit in the water! Enjoy.

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IMPORTANT! I forgot to mention that you need to remove the net bag at the first sign of secondary roots or they'll get tangled in the netting... and that would be the ideal time to pot the thing in soil. Sorry about that!

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roksee(Benicia SF Bay Area)

Thank you, very clever...

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