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fun-giDecember 9, 2011

I think it may be beyond help, but I just grabbed a sage bush that was uprooted sometime after yesterday morning (that is the last time I saw it in the ground). It was the victim of ditch digging beside a foundation where a house burnt down earlier this year.

It has a little of its clay soil remaining, very little. The exposed roots are dry, with very few thin fibrous roots. I am re-wetting what remains of its soil, and root pruning the dry roots back. How should I approach this for the best outcome for the plant? I will need to put it in a container, and will be using a bagged soil to start.

Does anyone think it will come back? Should I prune the top? Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing?

Do you think it will live?

Any help would be great.


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I would probably throw what you have left into a tub of water for a few hours and then plant deep and see what happens, if anything. Al

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