Redoing Front of House Garden

erinf83(6)September 12, 2012

I just moved into a gorgeous home and don't have much experience with gardening. The gardens are in need of a makeover as many of the shrubs are old and withered and just not my style and the tree in the front center garden needs to be cut down as it is dead.

I'm not sure if I want to put in a new tree (maybe a japanese maple?) or just make that area into a flower/plant bed. I'm not really keen on the boxwood that is in there fact, I really don't like anything in there.

I want to cut down everything that is up against the house as well but not sure what I should be putting in there. My ideas for the backyard gardens are going to mostly be hostas and ferns just to give you an idea of my style.

Any help would be much appreciated!

*having trouble attaching photos. Will try again soon!

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Here's a link to my photos

Here is a link that might be useful: Front Yard - current

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It's cumbersome--too much work and time consuming--to have the photos on another page instead being incorporated directly into the thread. You will get better response if you put photos here. I notice that GardenWeb seems to have a brand new feature (which I tried in the preview and it seems to work... don't know if it allows upload of multiple photos) where the photos do not need to be uploaded first to a photo-hosting site, but can be uploaded directly from one's computer. See the "Choose File" link directly below "Post a Follow-Up."

I've looked at your photos, but the main one you need--an overall shot of the entire front--does not seem to be there. You have lots of pieces of the front. You should take a picture from back far enough so it shows the complete front yard. If you need to show it from different views, add those, too, but a square-on shot is usually the best to start with. Try to take them with the best lighting possible.

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erinf83(6)'s a front shot of the house

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Here's another angle of the front of the house....this is the one that people will typically see when they are driving down the main road. I live on a crescent off the side. I know the maple seems a bit in the way and it would probably be best if it wasn't there, but I'd hate to cut down a perfectly good tree. I will consider it as an option though if that is what majority rules best!

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These two new good photos help much.

You wouldn't need to see more than a couple of my posts to know that I'm going to say limb up the tree. It is so obviously blocking the view to your house that its presence cannot be an enhancement. Not controlling them while they're young makes them difficult of impossible to control later. The tree is large enough that you could at least expose the view of your house to the first floor eaves. I think the freestanding "island" that is in the main part of the front yard should be returned to grass. I can't see anything redeeming about its being there. If you want a small tree between the drive and front door, it would be better set more to the right in a simple groundcover bed, without all that shrub business going on. A simplified foundation planting would be in order, but I'd get the demolition over with first and then submit a picture of the cleared out space.

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