HAVE: Special Seed Offer

poisondartfrogJanuary 6, 2014

I have two offers of commercial seeds for GW members who have not violated the "Special Instructions for the Exchange."
It is not fair to our members who read and follow the required instructions for the exchange and don't make non-trade requests, when there are members who rush forward to send seeds to members who don't read and follow the instructions. That penalizes those who follow the rules.

In the spirit of reward, I'll pay the postage and send 10 packs of seeds for one New Member (joined on or after July 1, 2013) and one old member (joined on or before June 30, 2013) who has not violated the instructions by either asking for or providing seeds to someone who has solicited seeds without offering to trade. Offering or responding to a seeds for postage offer is perfectly fine and is not disqualifying.

Here is what the first members to post that meet the criteria will receive; all commercial seeds for 2014:
Lobularia maritima, Sweet Alyssum, Aphrodite Salmon
Rudbeckia hirta, Orange Fudge
Dianthus x superbus, Spooky
Eschscholzia californica, XL Peach Strawberry
Salvia splendens, Sangria
ZInnia elegans, SuperCactus 7 color mix
Gomphrena haageana, QIS Orange
Mirabilis jalapa, Harlequin
Zinnia elegans, White Gem
Tagetes tenuifolia, Paprika

All you have to do is read the instructions at the link provided that all members are supposed to read before posting. If you have followed those instructions and joined in the indicated time frame and are the first to post in your membership time frame, I will send you those seeds. Remember, one oldster (pre July 2013) and one newbie (post June 2013) will receive the seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Special Instructions for the Exchange

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firegurl(z10 CA)

That is a generous offer...can i be the oldster?
I am always reminding gw members of this...and also myself to keep my own lists updated.

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I know you do firegurl! You're the oldster.
When you have time, please send me your address.

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firegurl(z10 CA)

Thanks Alana! I like this idea a lot in general...maybe we could keep this going somehow and I could pay forward the next one?

:) Firegurl

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Hi! Could I be the newbie?

This post was edited by ciervatranquila on Tue, Jan 7, 14 at 10:42

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syntria(8a - South DFW Area)

Drat, I can't be the newbie, I joined early last year but just started looking over the exchange. Thanks for what you're doing! I hope after the end of this season when I have saved most of my seeds I can offer to do similar!

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Can I be the Newbie. I love how everyone is so generous around here

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ciervatranquila is the newbie. Congrats! I searched and there were not requests to circumvent the rules, only responses to offers of free seeds. Please send me your address.

Syntria and cnading, sorry this time, but it sounds like there will be more similar offers to come.

Excellent idea, firegurl. I had planned one or two more offers in the next few weeks. If you do something similar and we have a few more old members that join in, perhaps we can correct the course of the exchange. That would be wonderful!

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Thanks so much! I emailed you my address.
It means a lot to me.

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Just to post my two cents, welcome or not; I believe that most trades on this site are executed in good faith with both parties being satisfied with the outcome. And if this happens to be the end result, then no "rules" have been broken. Having said that, I think I have unwittingly followed the rules here - they are pretty commonsensical and really serve the best interests of all gardeners.

The only people I've come across on this site that rub me the wrong way are the hoarders/doomsday preppers - people who have no intention of actually growing anything but just want to store seed for WTSHTF aka "the end of the world". There's nothing wrong with their intentions but I think they're interests would be better served on other sites with more like-minded people. Grabbing up every pepper and tomato seed in sight before John and Jane Q. Gardener have a chance really ruins the whole experience for people actually wanting to grow something.

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Alana, I love this idea too. I'll try to set one up for veggies in the next week or two.
It would be nice to get more of the real spirit of sharing back into this group.
beth b kodiak

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tergrov here it's been a while since i posted .but i would be interested in trading with you '
salvia splendens-sangria
zinnia elegans-white gems

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Hi tergrove! I have not seen you in a while.
This post was not for trades, but I will email you today about trading.


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These packages were mailed Wednesday. Please let me know when they arrive.
Thanks, Alana

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Alana, you are an amazing and generous lady - we love you, Lady Bug!

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Received mine! Thanks so much, Alana!
I really appreciate it.

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