Laying paving stones.

fredmcSeptember 23, 2013

We are going to lay paving stones adjacent to our house and about 3 feet wide. There will be no vehicular traffic on this and very minimal foot traffic.I basiucally covers and area that, at one time, was ashphalt and have to be removed.
All the reading I have done suggested laying a base of crushed rock which I presume is necessary for drainage. We have a creek runing thru our property which deposits a lot of gravel in the bed and I was wondering if I can use this gravel for the base.



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Incidentally, the gravel base assists drainage, but its primary purpose is to provide a solid, unshifting base once the walk is tamped in. Since we can't see and handle the gravel you're talking about, it would be impossible to say if it would work, The gravel needs to be crushed, with all sizes ranging down to sand and dust. The river gravel is likely rounded. It might work as filler for the lower portion of the base, if it is mixed with enough crushed material.

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If by paving stones you mean interlocking pavers, then no, for the reasons Yard stated. If you mean big slabs, *maybe* it would work if the gravel was angular. If it's rounded (as Yard suspected, and that seems reasonable), imagine a piece of plywood on ball bearings and you'll have an idea of the suitability.

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