To tear down this pergola, or repair it...

feedindySeptember 7, 2013

So I am back with another area of my yard and I would love some input. This is my side yard. What I really want is complete privacy, but the current situation is not so private. The neighbors have a deck and when they are outside, I can see them from the waist up behind the fence. The pergola has wisteria on it, but the top beams are all rotten. On either side of the pergola is forsythia lining the fence. My husband needs to either repair the top beams of the pergola, or just tear it down and plant something like screening trees so we can get year round privacy. My neighbors and I keep our curtains closed most of the time because we can see right into eachother's houses. We hate constantly having to hack back the wisteria and forsythia to keep it under control.

So my question is... which would you do?
1) Tear down pergola and just plant some evergreen trees to get the privacy I want.

2) Just keep it as it, repair the pergola, and not worry about privacy.

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another view

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and another view

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

That is far too flimsy a structure for the wisteria! Mind you, it's none too easy to kill a wisteria; if you can't kill it off, grow it as a small tree, never letting it get too big to easily reach all parts to prune it. That pergola is doing you no favors.....

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The pictures are at such close view one does not get a good feel for what the light conditions are. If there is too much shade, it will be hard to grow many screening plants and you'll need to select with care. The pergola is primarily a ceiling, when you need primarily a wall. Given that you don't like maintaining the wisteria, it might be time to move on to a better solution. I wouldn't yet rule out the right vine on a wall-like structure.

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