Help! Tell me what to plant here!

rakin(7b)September 18, 2013

(I am still relatively new here, so please bare with me)
I am in zone 7b - Memphis area.

what you see in the photo is the new construction of the back of my home. This is the side of my gargage which is a north facing area (photo taken at 3pm, and very shaded) The yellow line on the ground is where the pool deck will end and the bed will begin. The bed will also double as a dog run for a couple of small dogs. The bed will be covered in stone and sectioned off by 2 ft wrought iron that will run the entire length of the garage. I need something along the wall, but it has to be at least 2 ft off the ground and not protrude into the deck space. (in other words, I want the dogs to pass through the area unimpeded by low branches). I would love to do a teddy bear magnolia espalier style, but obviously that is out of the question. I only have about 3 ft between the house foundation and the pool decking, and I can see awful results to the concrete if I use a magnolia. I have considered sky pencil hollies, upright yews, and topiaries. The sky pencil and yews are too bushy at the ground area. Topiaries might work, but I just don't know what type can take the shade. Any suggestions

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Landscaping always presents interesting challenges which require thinking out of the box. That's the fun part! Here are a few quick ideas to ponder for your difficult wall area:

1. Work with the current craze, art in the garden, and hang pictures on the wall. I have done this for years. Haunt Goodwill- type stores for large inexpensive canvas paintings, paint new designs/pictures over the original with acrylic paints and when dry brush on two coats of Outdoor Mod Poge, available at craft stores.

2. This is a swimming pool area with a hose hook-up making water available. A good spot to tap into the wall large hay mow type hanging planters.

3. This idea is for the person who loves detail and the skill of espalier. Personally I dislike the pencil-type holly. But, as I have watched it mature into 12' shrubs with thin, small leafed branches it occurred to me that one could develop a detailed wall espalier in a shaded area. Probably not of interest to many but as I work with the project I have to pass the idea along for the imaginative.

These are just a few thoughts of the many available for a shady brick wall.

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Thanks. I just went to the local nursery and found some encore azaleas that had been trained into a topiary. I bought 8, and just now my GC is telling me that we may have to carry the deck all the way over to the wall because of drainage issues. I guess that will leave me with planters. Unfortunately, the planters will need to be long and narrow. That probably means the azaleas will go elsewhere. Maybe I can now use bamboo.

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