Purple&Chartreuse Front Bed Design

hogenanniniSeptember 17, 2012

Hi, please see attached photo.

We just moved to this home and would like to re-do the flower bed in front of the house. Right now as you can see it has lavatera and nicotiana.

The bed is 15' long by 4.5' deep.

Want to do a purple and chartreuse color scheme.

My idea:

Back row: three plant groups: either Evil Ways Buddleia in

the middle with purple delphinium on either side or vice versa. (Should I have the bushy plant Buddleia in the middle or the straight plant, delphinium?)--this Buddleia will be 4' tall and 5' wide? Generally delphinium in my area seem to grow 3-4 feet high only.

Middle row: Red Carpet Flower rose and Lorapetalum Ever red

and Nicotiana Langsdorfii

Not much room left in Front: maybe chatreuse and purple sweet potato vines? Or maybe chartreuse Sedum Angelina


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So much for my attempt to upload photo. Does it not work if photo is originally from cell phone even though I saved it as JPEG in PC?

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OK, realize I need to upload photo to Gallery first. Tried to do that but got message: "System Error, try again later."

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Can't seem to upload photo from Garden Gallery.
Please search "hogenannini" there and you can see my photo.

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daysquid(7a Annapolis, MD)

I'm no designer but perhaps a row of limelight hydrangea along the left hand side of the house -- not the front but the side. You would see the blooms as a backdrop to whatever you have in the front but when they get straggly, they wouldn't be so visible. You could also put a beauty berry at the corner as it would have purple berries in fall. And maybe snakeroot hillside black beauty, chartruse hostas, and lady fern combo for the front?

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Thanks daysquid. Appreciate the advice :)

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Try purple smoke bush, purple palace heuchera or one of the other purple heucheras. I can't offhand remember the name, but I have a nice spirea that has chartreuse leaves that are maroon when they emerge. Very striking, especially in spring. You can whack off all the dead flowers with a hedge trimmer and it will give you a second set of new leaves and flowers. Purple alliums for the spring. Purple irises, purple phlox or monarda for summer and asters for Fall.

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Just lurking thru, thought I would add my 2 cents. Why not go with sempervivums? Low maint, low profile and wonderful purples & chartreuse!

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I believe Coleus comes in both purple and chartreuse~~I love the color combo! ;o)

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

You might want to reconsider trying to pack so many things into a relatively narrow bed. The Loropetalums alone will quickly grow to be about 4 to 5 feet across by tall. The other things like the Delphiniums and Nicotianas are more like temporary fillers until the Loropetalums fill out. I'd suggest considering not trying to add the Buddleias or roses to this bed if you are planting more than one Loropetalum. More permanent chartreuse accents from foliage that is lower than the Loropetalums might include using things like Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' as edging at the lawn, perhaps Coleonema pulchrum 'Sunset Gold' for intermediate height, maybe using a grassy foliaged shrub accent such as Codyline 'Design-a-line Burgundy' is you wanted another deep purple/burgundy foliage accent for year round color. Tulbaghia violacea might be another additional long blooming lavender/purple flowering accent that is much longer lived and less trimming required than the Buddleias. Maybe throw in some Agapanthus 'Elaine' if you'd like some permanent deep purple summer flowers with similar sort of vertical height as the Delphiniums when in bloom. A really cool deep purple foliage bulb to look for might include Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy', and a ground cover planting of either Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' or Oxalis spiralis 'Molten Lava' can give great chartreuse foliage effects year round. The suggested Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Smoke' is a great suggestion to repeat the deep red foliage of the Japanese Maple, but it does lose leaves in winter. Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' could be great in combination with the purples and chartreuses, and does give a bit of lime green tinge to the white flowers as they age.

In any case, I'd suggest you think more carefully about ultimate sizes and how much/little you want to prune before you pack too many things into this bed, especially any of the more permanent shrubs...

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