Help me fix my front yard

claw2September 26, 2006

Hey everyone. I'm more of a lawn guy, and I need help. I just moved into a house and the front landscapping looks pretty bad. There is a spot to the left of my little walkway which is overgrown with weeds. I want to fix up this area, but I don't know what to plant there, and I also want to remove a big bush (and anything else if it'll make the yard look nicer). I would like to have something low maintainence and I don't really like the cluttered look unless its natural looking (like lots of flowers which look out of control). While walking through the stores so far I've liked the heuchera plant, but am not sure what else I would want. I like color too. Hope this helps you guys with any suggestions. Figured I'd upload some pics too after reading some other posts where people were asking for advice. BTW, i'm in central ny, near syracuse.

Can't get the link to work, here it is:

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Here is a link that might be useful: my yard

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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

Man those are some large and blurry pictures.

Are you talking about removing the (deciduous?) shrub right in front of the porch? I agree that it looks a bit out of place and not real attractive. Any idea what it is? I would not say that your landscape looks too bad...especially if you are going for low maintenance because it looks like most of what you have there is rather low maintenance. The yews(?) on the right can be thinned out to keep them in check. I would suggest that you use the weed filled bed as a place to add some color using annuals and/or perennials...or maybe for some small conifers with interesting foliage.

- Brent

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is that a crab apple in the middle of the yard? how does it look in the spring. do you want to keep it? It needs a bit of pruning.

your page doesn't say what state or area you live in, and zone 5 has a lot of variation to it . you could replace the yews at your porch with some azaleas for a color punch.

if you email me some pictures direct i can do a bit more thinking for you.


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karinl(BC Z8)

Why not just post some more pictures, if indeed more are needed, to stimulate all of us to do some more thinking? The only thing wrong with the present pictures is their format and that they are not posted in the thread.

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Will post pics as soon as I can. I also live near Syracuse NY.

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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

It might be helpful if you tried to identify the plants that you already have (the groundcover and the shrubs). Is the evergreen on the right (yew?) one shrub or several?

- Brent

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So sorry this took so long. Seems like classes just picked up over the last 2 weeks. This is actually the first time i've been home before dark while not sleeping or heading out the door. I will take some time to identify them, but these are here for now

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