naturize or algoflash info?

jds912December 1, 2009

Any one here ever used either one of these products in containers? If so, what was your experience(s)? I am going to grow some flowers in containers this spring and was hoping to get a little insight. I am un decided on which fertilizer to use. Either naturize, dyna-gro, or algo flash? Thanks ahead of time!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I haven't used Naturize or Algoflash, but it was difficult to find out anything specific about Naturize, so I'll withhold comment on that product. The Algoflash products are all very high in N content, so it will be difficult getting adequate P and K to your plants if you are not over-supplying N. There is very little substantive information on their website & lots of hype, so personally, I probably wouldn't give it a second look.

I have used (more than 2 full years) and adopted Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 as my all purpose fertilizer of choice, and can recommend it heartily. There are very few plants I use anything other than 9-3-6 on, and I could be perfectly happy if that's all I had to rely on for all my plant's nutritional needs. It supplies nutrients in a ratio very close to that which you'll find plants use them, has all the majors, secondary majors, all the minors, ans all in an appropriate NPK ratio and in a ratio to the other elements. IOW, there was considerable thought put into developing the formula for this fertilizer. In case you didn't realize it when I said it has all the major elements, that includes Ca and Mg, too - two elements usually missing in soluble fertilizers. It also delivers 60% of its N in nitrate form, which I consider to be an o/a advantage.


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thanks for the info. contacted the algoflah office and asked if they made naturlize too. both ferts. are made in jacksonville, fl. they said naturlize went out of business and they told me algoflash was actually made in germany. i will give the dyna gro a try. i am about to order the regular and bloom plus solution.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You can save a few $ and skip the blooming formula. You'll find no value in it for container culture. FP 9-3-6 already has more P than your plants will/can use. On average, plants use about 6X more N than P.


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Hi I know this posting is old but I just went to pick up a garden tool from a homeowner that my sister bought on Kijiji. The homeowners plants and shrubs were OUTSTANDING. I asked her what fertilizer she uses and she told me Algoflash. She raved about its powerful affect on her plants of all kinds and how she is running low on it but it doesnt seem to be avail in Canada (Ontario) anymore.....she has been searching for a source for some time. Says that Lowes and Walmart used to carry it but its no longer in their lineup.

In searching it on Google up came this posting so thought I would pass along her rave reviews of Algoflash.She couldnt say enough about it.

P.S. its made in France. Wish me luck in tracking it down.

All the best !

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Al, Do you (would you) recomend FP for toms in containers? Thanks, LInda

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