Best potting mix for plants currently in MC

K-Tex(Zone 8)December 2, 2013

To whom it may concern,

As some have seen in a previous post I am soon to be in possession of a much needed supply of #2 cherry stone. With this and the rest of the required ingredients i plan on re potting some container citrus trees in gritty mix. I also have a couple of banana's a pineapple and will soon be receiving a yellow dragon fruit. Should i re-pot all of these in gritty or use the 5.1.1, any help on this would be appreciated.


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fireduck(10a) looks like you live in Texas??? In a hot/arid climate...the gritty mix requires daily watering and regular feeding. It is a very "open" potting mix. It is highly touted on this site by some...and certainly has it's place. Depending on the size of the container, it can become VERY heavy and unmovable. The ingredients do not require periodic re-potting as does the 5-1-1. Personally, I prefer most of my growings to be in the 5-1-1 or similar. goodluck

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