Starting indoors & growing watermelons vertically (few questions)

WatermelonkyleMay 14, 2014

I've decided to try watermelons this year in central New Jersey. I started them indoors, but they took 3 weeks to sprout and the seedlings are mixed at best (some strong but green/yellow), others all green and weak looking.

I have a small plot of land that I made a trellis on. I've also applied a calculated amount of ammonium sulfate due to nitrogen difference and a pH that was 8.5.

I'm only concerned now about soil temp. and timing.

Has anyone grown them with black plastic before? How do you do it effectively (from seed or transplant)? Is it ok to plant outside as soon as the soil temp. gets to 70F under the covering?

Just to note, our regions soil temperature is only hovering around 55-60F at the moment.

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I'm in zone 6 PA and just planted my melon seeds in the garden, I rake the soil in rolls about 6 inches high and about 16 inches wide (Raised Rows), Then cover with black plastic especially since the weather has been so messed up so far this year, I always have better luck planting my seeds in the garden instead of transplanting.

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