Front Landscaping....Please Help!

nicki5780September 1, 2010

We recently built a home which desperately needs some landscaping. We know nothing about landscaping, so we need a LOT of help! We are on a budget and it is the end of the summer, so we only plan on doing a basic landscaping package right now (trees, bushes, etc). The area to the right of the door is about 15' wide by 19' deep and the remaining area is 26' wide by 5' deep. The front of the house faces South. Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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Maybe your place were not very cold.the way should be curve.tree shape is important,you should select horticulture nice trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: if need other pic designing

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karinl(BC Z8)

Yeah, so if you want to paint a tacky picture in front of your house, our chinese aspiring landscape designer is your go-to guy, but otherwise, not so much :-)

Your terminology "basic package" makes me think you are not aiming for anything other than standard, neighbourhood norm landscape installation here. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it means you don't need this forum as much as you need to go to your local nursery. There, you can either just buy plants you like and arrange them at home as it pleases you, or you can bring a picture of your house and ask the nursery for advice.

Just be sure to avoid plants that prefer to grow in shade.

Here on the forum, we tend to discuss problems, barriers, special needs, and so on - you don't have any real problems on that site or for that house. Other than, perhaps, the rather builder-quality placement of the sidewalk and thus the shape/size of the beds, but that is also the norm, so not something that will prevent you from achieving a "basic package" success.

If it were me though, I'd reconfigure that sidewalk first and alter the bed layout. That, and figure out where you'll need shade and plant some trees.


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STOP! That "tree and shrub" package is going to be the foundation of your landscape for the next 30+ years. If you bury a bunch of stuff picked out just because it's available, you will be back here in a couple of years asking for renovation advice.

Sit down, draw out the plot and spend this fall and winter doing something unthinkable: PLANNING.

You wouldn't slap up a foundation of a house without having it all planned out, don't do it to the rest of the house.

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Lazygardens nailed it for me. This is a beautiful home. You need curb appeal. Low maintence means know maintence Get to know your area and how you want to use it. Check out the niehgbor hood and see what others are doing. Consult your local nursery. If you want to have a great lawn you will want to have a great curb appeal. This is where the know comes to play. Don't get too fussy, know what you are able and willing to do. If you like to putter a bit ok, go with that. If you have a favorite that you have seen or experienced, go with that as well. Just keep an open mind and have some fun.

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I assume by "basic package" you don't want to get into a major overhaul at this point, like removing your existing sidewalk for example. If that is what is meant by "reconfigure".

I think you can acheive great curb appeal with nothing more than some shrubs, flowers, trees, and a couple of boulders. Maybe even add an additional walkway from the existing concrete entry to the sidewalk by the street. This could be done using stone or pavers. Either one would work in my opinion.

Stay away from reds or any other brick-similar colors they won't work. Blues, yellows, purples, oh and greens of course. Don't be discouraged you can handle this.



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I really love what Bob did. This looks beautiful to me. Clean, simple design.

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Wow, thanks Bob...this looks great. We ended up sitting down with a landscape designer who worked with us to create a design and it looks very similar to what you created here. I appreciate your help. Hopefully I will have finished pictures to post in the next couple of weeks! Thanks again everyone for your responses!

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Looking forward to seeing the end result!

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