We want to build a deck over the pool.

alladrmSeptember 17, 2006

Rather than go to the trouble and expense of demolishing the pool and spa, we would like to build a deck over them to provide a telescope platform and outdoor dining and entertaining area. Has anyone successfully done this? And how?

Many Thanks

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treebeard(z5 MA)

Depending on the size and location of your spa and pool, spanning both or each is certainly something that can be accomplished with a wood structure if, at the least, it's designed by a professional (preferably and engineer with wood structure experience).

The larger issue might include questions like...

How big is the pool and spa?
Is this and inground pool?
Will you be ceasing operation and use of the pool by contructing this deck?
What does your local zoning and health codes say about such issues?

These, and other questions, will and should play heavily into your decision making. If the pool is an inground, and if you simply cover it with a deck and do nothing more, it will, in time, become a swamp of sorts under the deck offering up more trouble than you might expect. With nothing over it to keep the rain out, the pool will continue to collect and hold water, or at the least, moisture, making it a perfect breeding gound for mold, fungus, algea, mosquitos, and other insects. If it's an above ground pool, demolition should be relatively inexpensive, perhaps even a homeowner job.

If your purpose is to eliminate the pool from your lives and replace it with something else that is above ground, then your best direction would seem to be spending some money up front to have the pool structure demolished and buried permanently and in conformance to whatever local ordinances or regulations might attend to such issues.

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Hi, I just saw this post after trying to google a way to cover a pool/spa when not in use. I have a smaller yard in San Diego where space is at a premium and would like to put in what they call a "spool" or a small pool with spa adjoining. Large enough to swim a small lap or get cool in the summer, but not a full sized pool or spa. When done with the pool/spa, I would like to have four quarters of decking that fold down over the pool/spa to cover it so that I may have space for entertaining, barbecuing, etc. Has anyone done this? I have found nothing but this post on the internet. With smaller California backyards, someone HAS to have done this. Please email me with some ideas!

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Scottsdca, did any one ever email you??? This is exactly what we want to do at the house we've just purchased. Small yard, 3 kids under the age of 4, and we want to use the pool's surface area when it's not pool season. We live outside NYC. Let me know if any one emailed you or you found any solutions! -Luckystone13

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Anyone has built a deck over the pool in Southern California? Need contractor referral please.

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Based on the dimension in addition to spot of your massage in addition to share, comprising both equally or every single is unquestionably a thing that may be completed that has a wood composition in the event, leastwise, it's designed by a professional (preferably in addition to electrical engineer using wood composition experience).

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Felicia Hendrickson

I know this is an old thread, but in case anybody comes across it again, I found this company that is doing exactly what I want, unfortunately, they are not in my area.


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