wanted: working on my wants

elvimiller(5)February 19, 2014

I still have a large WANTS list...can anyone help??

blue lakota pumpkin
pink accordion tomato
full moon pumpkin
gremlins gourds
Musquee de Provence Pumpkin
One Too Many Hybrid Pumpkin
giant sakurajima radish
cheddar or other yellow cauliflower
alligator squash
dickinson pumpkin
flat white boer pumpkin
gezahnte tomato
yokohama squash
strawberry watermelon
Verruquese de Maurice Gourd
mayo bule gourd
toonas makino squash
american tonda squash
colored carrots
beets other then Detroit
cool pumpkins
hubbard squashes
alpine strawberries

My trade list is up to date...If there is nothing on there that appeals to you, let me know. i have other stuff that I am planting with, could part with some of those.

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I sent a message.

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I have updated my trade list today and added a few more things that I have :)

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I would love to trade some of my colorful beet mix and colorful carrot mix for your stevia and sweet yellow honeydew. I'll email you.

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I regret that I seemingly have nothing on your want list, but I am terriblt interested in your pole beans trionfo violetto...Please check My Page for anything there that may interest you.

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