What should I do with this Magnolia bush?

sandz22September 9, 2012

This is the view of our house when you pull up to the driveway. It is hard to see the house and it seems like there are several bushes of the same height making it look crowded. We don't want to cut down the two Japanese Maples on either side of the Magnolia bush and we would rather not cut down the large pine tree. That leaves the out of control looking Magnolia bush with lots of weeds under it. Should I cut that down and put something else there or just cut it back a bunch and give it a new shape? If I remove it, what would you suggest putting in its place? We get a lot of shade, but that bush gets part sun. We are in PA.

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Sandsz, I suggest that you zoom out and possibly come from another angle with the picture so that we can see the context. There's not enough information in the picture to answer your question.

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