WANTED: Spring salad greens

oldmobie Z6, SW MO(Zone 6)February 12, 2014

I square foot garden, zone 6, and have had poor spinach production. I'd like to try several varieties, to see what does well for me.

Also want to branch out to cabbage, need narrow and upright (like a Chinese or Napa).

Also looking for leaf lettuce. It grows well for me, I just want more variety.

Check out my trade list.

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I also Square Foot. Here's what I got

Lacinato aka Dino Kale
Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing
Collards - Georgia South
Collards - Vates (I've had great success with this in my zone)
Greens - Orach (Rare, see photo)
Arugala (too spicy for my taste. PICK WAY YOUNG)
Mustard (works great between larger plants in the summer).

No cabbage, I can't seem to grow it here. I fail at it year around. I have Early Snowball Cauliflower if you're interested. If you find a hearty cabbage that doesn't mind early heat, please let me know :)

Will trade for your cucumbers (pickling varieties), peanuts

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oldmobie Z6, SW MO(Zone 6)

I'm definitely interested in a trade for just about all the greens you've listed. Before we work out details, know that my cucumbers are not separated into varieties. The two types were grown side by side, and when I harvested seeds, I put them all together. On the plus side, they germination tested 100%. If this is agreeable, I'll trade you cukes and peanuts. If not, peanuts only.

Let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: My germination Test Results

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No problem with the Cuke mix. I enjoy the oddities!

Just to make sure you are still interested, some varieties of greens I only have 20 seeds +/- left. I'll send them all over to you, I just want to make sure you understand you're not going to get hundreds of seeds.

Any chance I can I get a few roma seeds?


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oldmobie Z6, SW MO(Zone 6)

I'll send you some romas. Well, I decided they're romas. They were pear shaped and red. 1/4 teaspoon is 150ish seeds. Germination is ongoing, but currently 40%.

I'll send you:
1/4 teaspoon roma seed
1/4 teaspoon cucumber seed
25-50 peanut seeds

Collards - a mix of both varieties
Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing

Just start at the top of that list, and stop when you've put together what looks like a fair trade. Don't run yourself short doing it. Amend the terms if you like, or if it's agreeable, let's email to exchange addresses.

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