WANTED: Poppies! Also garden valerian(officinalis) red valerian

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)February 4, 2014

SO I'm gonna make some more desperate attempts to get a few of my really bad wants before the beginning of Spring arrives! Plus it snowed 8 inches, destroying all hope that my winter sown containers would sprout, so I'm indoors!!
Anyways, I am looking for any poppy varieties to try! My only preference would be that they are not the normal red colored ones...Some of my favorites?
Poppy- Asiatic
Poppy - Papaver atlanticum 'Flore Pleno'
Poppy - Papaver rhoeas 'Falling in Love'
Poppy -Himalayian Blue (Meconopsis betonicifolia or var. Daileyi)
Poppy - Princess Victoria Louise

Also looking for cottage garden style plants like:
garden valerian (officinalis)/garden heliotrope
red valerian/Jupiters beard

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I have Valerian and am looking for bronze fennel. : )

Thanks, Alyssa

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Alyssa, what valerian is it?

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