Green pepper plants... red pepper plants... yellow pepper plants

nokiMay 11, 2012

I always have people tell me that Green and Red and Yellow Peppers are all different plants. Obviously there are many cultivars, which have desired crops but... I would say that peppers have an unripe stage which is usually dark green to yellowish green, sometimes pale yellow while ripe peppers ripen to red, bright yellow, orange, etc...

So am I being stubborn to say that the terms green, red, and yellow pepper plant are vague and kinda confusing unless you clarify what you mean? Or maybe I'm the one confused?

My father for example claims there is a difference between a red pepper plant and a green pepper plant. "One makes green peppers, while the other makes red peppers". He also calls a green bell that matures to yellow as a yellow pepper plant, while a banana pepper plant is a yellow pepper plant also. To make thinks even more confusing he calls any light green unripe pepper a yellow pepper. How are you supposed to communicate?

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suprneko(9b/sunset 16 NorCal, S. Bay)

Unripe peppers are green, I think they all turn a different color when ripe (someone correct me if I am wrong!). Many peppers are picked while green though. Cubanelle is often picked while green but will turn red if left on the plant.

It's not worth arguing with your father, though. ;)

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FATHERS?!?! I had one, I am one. My son(17) gives me that "I do not believe it" look a lot. When it comes to thing with many keys,buttons & blinking lights he is right.
IMO,All sweet peppers are green(unripe/ immature) until they ripen, then they are red(the only kind for many years)yellow,orange or purple.
IMO, you are right, but I eat them all & they are great.
By the way cucumber are eaten immature in my house( before they turn yellow).

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Agree. color is not a good way to identify plants and arguing is a waste of time at best and can result in hard feelings. Bells come in all kinds of combinations, The unripe peppers can be green,purple or yellow ( white bells like Diamond) Ripe colors are green ( Evergreen, Staygreen) red, purple, almost black, orange, yellow. With the exception of the green when ripe varieties all are , red, yellow, or orange when ripe.

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