Ancient Sweets Pepper

nokiMay 10, 2011

I've seen some "Ancient Sweets" Pepper plants, supposed to be really long and thin and sweet. I look online, and it is hard to tell is this a brand name, or an actual cultivar? Anybody grown them?

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They are an interesting phenomena. Apparently introduced and trademarked by Sunset Produce. They are also vended by Mastronardi Produce Ltd. Supposedly a European greenhouse pepper. There are several vendors selling seed, which is what makes it interesting. Selling a trademarked product is asking for a law suit.

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little sur farm

i am growing about a dozen ancient sweet pepper plants for the first time this year. i got my seeds from an actual pepper from the store then dried and planted directly in the soil. they are delicious and i have many 3-4 inch fruits right now. i have only seen them under that name though.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I grew ancient sweet peppers that I got the seeds from store bought peppers at BJ's. They are long and sweet as described, but the ones that I grew did not come true from seeds like the store bought ones. They had a strange square shape.

All my other peppers were fine.


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little sur farm

thats funny i got mine from Sams Club.

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If they are a hybrid the seeds will not be the same.

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

noki, I havn't grown the Ancient Sweets variety, but I have grown the Marconi that seems to be very close in discription. Some peppers get up to 8-10 inches long and very sweet. Large enough to stuff and great on the grill. You'll need to stake the plants. luke

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Found some of the packaged Ancient Sweets at one grocery... and I must admit they are good, nice and ripe without being rotten. Don't think they are as thick walled as Giant Marconi. Of course, getting them to ripen like that in your garden is a different story.

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I purchase Ancient Sweet Pepper seeds from Rainbow Seed Company, I even asked them where the seeds came from because my gardening buddy told me that they probably were from hybrid peppers and would not grow...well even though I was assured from the company that these seeds were not from grocery store peppers and would grow, they grew the strangest looking plants with no peppers what so ever....10 of them...I am back to the hunt for the real deal...

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Found the same package of these as everybody else from Sam's the other day. Delicious peppers, I'm eating them raw as snacks.

LOTS of seeds in them, so I'm drying them right now to try out this year. Hopefully they'll grow true.

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I too enjoy Ancient Sweets from Sam's club. I found
Planet Hybrid pepper at Jung Seed Company and grew them from seed this year. Excellent and good as Ancient Sweets.
Super heavy yield per plant. Jung's claimed they were
high yielding and set fruits without pollination(parthenocarpic). I had more peppers than I could eat and gave some away. I highly suggest growing Planet Hybrid
if you like Ancient Sweets. They have same form and flavor.

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