deck help needed - prep and best product?

kjmama(6)September 22, 2010

I tried this on the deck forum and didn't get any responses... maybe here?

We just moved into a house and the deck needs help. It is a pressure treated pine. The folks before us put on a lowe's brand semi transparent, I think. It is peeling, looks kind of shiny in the covered parts. The exposed part of the deck is almost bare, it is greying.

SO - how do I prepare this deck for something new? And what is the best product to use? I would like to have the hardiest product out there. The exposed part takes a beating in the weather. I am thinking of a gray floor - semi transparent or solid.

Additionally, the rails are falling apart. I wanted to do a white rail. Would I be better to replace with vinyl rails? IF not, what can I do to the rails to make them white?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Ok first things first, scape off everything that is peeling until you have a smooth surface. Otherwise where there is a ridge it will continue to peel. Next make sure the surface is clean and dry. Most deck paints last about 5 years. Just remember there are 6 sides to a cube and if you want the paint to protect you need to paint all of them. I'm not in favor of vinyl but that's just me. If they are falling apart then they need to be replaced. Better to do it now then fight with it for a few years and then end up replacing them anyway.

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