Breaking up A Step Run

aloha2009September 9, 2012

We've got the contractor picked FINALLY for the hardscaping. Hopefully he'll be available in the next few weeks so we can have this behind us and begin plantings. Just when I think we have it all decided, the issue of how EXACTLY to do the steps is in question.

We have approx a 100" drop over about 25' long. Several options have been given and they all have their merits.

1.Lower rise steps for a comfortable gait (retirement home) and easier to navigate a wheelbarrow.

2.Two to three sets of steps with landings.

3.One set of steps and then a ramp/slope as it flattens out some.

Being that we're also in the process of remodeling our laundry and designing a major kitchen remodel, I have a serious case of decision fatigue. Any thoughts you might have on what you might do and why. TIA

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"Several options have been given and they all have their merits." The place you're at now--options with merits--is about the limit of help a forum could give. Now someone must do the actual work of calculating the steps/route based on your call of the the best solution. If none of the opinions that have been given previously seem acceptable, and you don't want to make the decision, it would be best to hire a local designer to make the decision for you. That way, it's done and there is no more "decision fatigue."

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