Pine Bark and dye?

woodsworm(7a NC)September 3, 2010

I did not know pine bark had dye in it. Is the real pine bark dyed, or just the stuff they mix wood chips in? What does the dye do to the ground?

I expect to mulch a roughly 10' x 10' area and was thinking pine bark. There will be some native shrubs (mostly Carolina allspice) at the edge, and a gardenia, lilac and baby fig, all at the edge and in full sun. Is pine bark what you recommend?


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Typically, dyed mulch has a lot of wood content from recycling (your old fence is someone else's new orange mulch).

Not all mulch is dyed, but it is hard to distinguish what is sometimes .... until it weathers for a couple of weeks.

Your best bet is to buy bagged bark mulch if you want it pure.

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Unless the bag/packaging says it is dyed or colored, it should not be. Plain ol' pine bark is not dyed.

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