Mother and babies are doing fine.

donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)May 18, 2012

I cut down a Red Cedar tree this week. I had impulsively bought a plum purple Japanese Magnolia and decided to put it where the Cedar was. (Cedar was badly encroaching on a path too). Anyway, I took my trusty little pruning saw out there and cut the tree down. Then, began to remove the limbs one by one. (Already have plans for the nice trunk in the garden, being rot resistant and poor husband.)

Anyway, about halfway up, I found a nest with two baby birds inside it. I was just sick! And didn't know what to do. I moved the nest to another shrub and then put it back into the new little tree, but within an hour the nest fell out of the tree, dumping the babies on the ground.

Finally, out of desperation, I took the nest and put it into the trimmed limbs that I had piled up nearby in the woods. I couldn't bear to think of what would happen to the babies.... Finally, today, I went to check on them and found mama on the nest, with papa nearby.

Only gardeners would understand how happy this made me....

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We did that once, my dad cut down a large, ugly, dying box elder in our front yard. Didn't know until after it came down, it had a nest of cedar waxwings with 4 babies just at the stage their eyes were opening. They survived the fall in the nest somehow, but the parents didn't seem to find them nearby.

So, we raised 4 cedar waxwing babies for another about 4 weeks, until they were fully fledged, eating on their own, and flying around our garage. It was actually an interesting experience (and technically illegal!). They thrived on a diet of berries from our bushes and insects we caught.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

That is great! I actually considered giving it a try, but we are about to be out of town for ten days. I am so glad the Mama found them.

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Didn't you mean to post this on the "Tree Felling and Baby Birds" forum? :)

Seriously, congrats on saving the family!
May they eat all your unwanted insects.

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Donna, what a nice person you are!! It's wonderful to help the creatures we enjoy so much.

I'd like to share another animal rescue story. My friend covered her small peach tree with a net to keep birds out. The net touched the ground, and we noticed something tangled in the net on the ground. Closer inspection revealed it to be a gopher snake, horribly tangled, upside down, tightly twisted and curled every which way. He must have struggled for hours, but he was alive. We called the Fire Department, and they came and spent nearly 20 minutes cutting the snake out with a knife, so carefully, taking him away in a bucket to be released in a natural area.

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