WANTED: New member, looking for a good trade

SpicySeeds(6)February 10, 2013

Hi, my neighbor and I are new to this site. We share a garden together and we are looking to trade seeds! We would be interested in large trades to save on shipping costs and would like to trade for harder to find or unique seeds. We have limited seeds, 5-10 seeds per variety which is enough to get you started.
We have different interests even its not on our wanted lists, we like to try new seeds. Seeds with a star are the ones on our top of our list :)

We are looking for:
Yard long beans*
Big pumpkins, like for country fair contests
Pink banana squash*
Spaghetti squash
Ornamental peppers
Runner beans (scarlet types with flowers)
Interesting prolific beans
White cucumbers
Japanese long cucumbers*
Morning glories, Japanese, any color other than blue or purple
Chocolate bell pepper
Black bell pepper (mavras, etc)*
White bell pepper*
Mini bell peppers aka sweet cherry peppers (mixed colors)*
Stuffing tomatoes*
Early producer tomatoes
Huge producing tomatoes (something you wouldn't find in stores. I already have common varieties such as delicious, early boy, beefsteak, etc)
Rainbow, ornamental corn*
Tiger melon
Tallest sunflowers out there (prefer seeds of a type that you can't find in stores)
King of the garden Lima beans*
Sweet pickle pepper
Roumanian pepper
Hot purple ember pepper
Sweet flexum pepper
Any huge producing watermelons
Romanesco broccoli*
hedgehog gourd

We have:

Peppers (sweet)

Pepper (hot)
Bulgarian carrot
Nepal 3
Black pearl
Hungarian wax

Black cherry
Rainbow cherry (mixed)
White currant
Cherokee purple
Banana legs
Yellow pear
Oregon spring
Brandy wine pink

Honeydew melon
Sugar baby

Green patty pan
Sweet dumpling winter

Space master
Burped hybrid II
Straight eight

Sugar pie
Jack o lantern
Jack be little

Ornamental gourd mixture (crown of thorns, spoon, pear bi-color, flat striped, orange, wafted, white apple, dipper, bottle, powder horn, Italian edible) - no guarantee which you will get but it's fun to see what you are growing
Snake gourd
Cave man club
Fun warty gourd
Smooth guard
??? Gourd, got this from a trade, so it's a mystery, will not grow it because space is limited

We have lots of flower seeds too, so if you are interested in your vegetable seeds for flowers, let me know!

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Can you please check up my list,I'm interested in your green paty pan and cocozelle squash,Itzy.

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I have Big Max pumpkins, pink banana squash, spaghetti squash, Thai hot peppers and ornamental corn, can send plenty of all. I'd like Cherokee purple tomatoes, snake gourds, space master cucumbers, sugar baby melons and fun warty gourds. I also have some sunflowers that got real tall, I use them for bird seeds and hamster food, not sure what kind they are but are gray striped and big, have plenty of those. Let me know.

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Can you please check up my list,I'm interested in your green paty pan and cocozelle squash,Itzy.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi SpicySeeds,

Welcome to The Seed Exchange!

Please see the link below as your have no Member Page email link set up for trading.



Here is a link that might be useful: sticky: please read before posting! **required**

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Welcome! How fun it must be to share a garden. I'm the only gardener in my immediate family. It gets a little lonesome, but then I come here to talk and share ideas. It is so much like a family. I know you will enjoy your time spent here. Blessings from ourhappyhome!

Oh, and I have Scarlett runner beans. Do you have walking onions?

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Hi - I have a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and would like to trade for flowers. Could I send you my list? Doreen.

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Check our seeds list on our member page, a LOT more was added especially herbs, lettuces, etc.

We will trade multiple seeds for something on our wanted list.

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