Flowering onions?

allhailerisMay 9, 2012

I moved into our house in mid-March, and they already had onions and potatoes growing. I have no idea when they were planted. The onions are about to flower, and I thought I'd look it up and found out that because of our weird weather here this Spring (hot/cold/hot/cold) it faked out the plant and now wants to seed.

So, I'm allergic to onions...

I can either have DH pull these, dry them and give the small onions to friends (I haven't looked to see how big they are). OR, I can let them just flower away. Or both. I don't need the space right now, and am wondering if I should leave some to flower for the bees. They're kind of pretty plants, we have a housewarming party in less than two weeks and it would be nice to have them in the garden since everything else is so small or just sprouting.

And then there are the potatoes that are growing between the onions (and an odd one by the roses). I WANT those. I don't want to mess up their growing. They're not in little potato hills that I've seen you all talk about. And from what I've read, they won't be ready until the leaves start dying. Should I dig a little and check on them? I can take pics if needed.

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The onions have bolted. They won't do anymore except produce seed. If you like the flowers leave them. If they still have green, they can still be used as green onions altho not the best quality. You can start using the new potatoes as soon as the vine start dying back. In a southern 8b that should already be happening. Mine are two thirds died back and I am already digging.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

allhaileris, see if you can find out if the previous owners planted them this spring. If so, they should grow just fine with normal flavors. Worth checking if you can. They might not be volunteers.

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Members of the onion family are bred as ornamental flowering plants. If you like them, keep them. But until you want them coming up everywhere, deadhead them before they set seed.

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