Tempurpedic mattress?

mamacotti(6)January 18, 2005

Has anyone on the forum tried them? Or bought them? My parents have the pillows, and love them...just curious, wanting to hear opinions I trust before spending the $$$.


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I too have a pillow. I love it for a while, then put it away and go back to my old pillow. And then pull it back out again. It's a cycle.
I think the mattress would be FANTASTIC, though.
But check out QVC of all places. They ahve their own "variety". SAme as the tempur-pedic brand, but cheaper. That is actually what my pillow is. The QVC brand. Got it on e-bay for a steal. But then again I LOVE ebay and get lots of good deals there.
If you get one let me know how you like it.
Oh, and just to let you know, DH, Oliver and I leave for the southern caribbean tomorrow! I know you're an avid sailor, so I thought I'd let you know.
10 day cruise....
St. Thomas, St. JOhn's, Barbados, St. Maarten, and Tortola. Should be fun... especially b/c it's currently -8 degrees F right now!

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I bought 4" Tempurpedic mattress on e-Bay to use on top of regular one. Very, very comfortable & sheets never slip'n slide, however it made our bed so high I have to use a step stool. And being dead weight it is heavy!

Think I paid about $130.+ S&H...well worth the money.


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Did you get a mattress? I got one a couple of years ago. I almost never sleep well unless I am beyond dead tired but there were other reasons for spending the money on one too. I will tell you that it will take several days to break it in if you get one. I almost sent mine back after the first night. I might just as well have gone outside and slept on the ground it was soooo hard. It took a couple of nights to become more comfortable. Don't know that I am so wowed by it that I would buy another, but then again I might. By the way, before you spend that money you also need to know that you aren't supposed to use things like electric blankets with them. Apparently, it causes the foam to deteriorate faster because of the heat.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

We actually haven't slept on ours as yet but we did buy one...It is being held for us at the furniture store waiting for our home to be finished...My husband was determined to have one and I tried it out at the shop...It felt really nice so I hope it is going to be worth the bucks because they are veryyyyyyy expensive compared to even a good top of the line mattress.

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Costco is carrying a 4" thick "tempurpedic"-type foam that goes on top of your regular mattress. Supposed to give you the basic feel without the expense of an entire mattress. The Queen size is about $150.


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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

All I can tell you after sleeping on it for about a month...they are fabulous...

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I know this is a very old post but I thought I'd add.....

Got one love it! plus got the adjustable (craftmatic type controls)....sheer heaven.


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I don't know if it is too late to be posting a response, but I've used the TP neck pillow for three years now. I am picky about what I sleep on and will take this with me for overnighters and vacations. It works well for head positioning and has been a good help for a stiff or sore neck. At this age, the material has definately gotten soft, but still provides support. A couple months ago I talked my wife into getting one when she started complaining about neck problems. After a couple weeks to adjust to the different sleeping posture, she has no more complaints.

As for the matress, I was able to sleep on what I believe was a Deluxe mattress for three days on vacation in Charleston, SC. It was broken in and provided good support. I've tried different models at the store and can definately say that I would try before I buy, because each model has a different degree of firmness/softness and support. I happen to be in the market for a new matress and will never go to a spring mattress again. The only downside to the search is that I have only been able to find TP mattresses in the retail stores. The info I have been able to find regarding other brands is technical info (thickness, weight of memory foam layers) and people's posts. There are other brands out there that get good reviews that cost less than TP. If someone were able to do a post with mem-foam mattresses that had their equivalents in the TP line, I'd be in much better shape. To that regard, has anyone seen something like that?

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stuckintheberg(Willamette Val.)

We bought our first Tempur-pedic bed and pillows more than nine years ago and the only negative thing I can say about it is that now I hate to travel and sleep on regular beds. In fact, we've just upgraded to a thicker set of mattresses and adjustable frames. Heaven!

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Does anyone have memory foam that sleeps with someone heavier than they? I am thinking about buying the one from Costco. We have unequal weight and I roll into my husband and I think this is the source of my back pain! How does memory foam work? Won't I still roll into him if he is too close?

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scrollmaster(z8 NE Louisiana)

Go to a store where you can try out the different models!!! See how they feel in every position you use in your bed and how easy it is moving around on each particular model. It is definitely not a one size fits all and is amazing how much different they can be from each other. You need to find what suits you.

I have to get up very early in the morning for work and used to wake my wife with the noise and movement of our spring mattress but this allows my wife that extra hour+ sleep she needs before having to rise for work. Sleep, neck & back pain have most greatly improved with this mattress.

My wife and I had slept on a King size Simmons Beauty Rest Orthopedic (Extra-Firm) since the mid 1980's and had been satisfied but was more than past time to move on and wanted to try a foam because of pressure advantages. We decided to replace with Tempur-Pedic and initially thought the Rhapsody would be our choice because of the extra firmness but when I tried it in the store... well, it was comfortable enough to just lay still on but when I tried to turn over it felt like I was in a puddle of glue... felt like I needed a handle to help turn. We spent over an hour in the store trying out all the models of Tempur-Pedic and nothing suited us like the Tempur Cloud Supreme. Bought it, WE LOVE IT and haven't looked back since. No doubt for us that we would definitely purchase again. This has to be the best move we've made in many years.

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I know this post is a bit old but wanted to chime in for people currently in the market.
First of all even without a huge weight difference between husband and wife (unfortunately I have been catching up over the years) I have found on many occasions that I either roll into my husband or his side of the bed going down causes mine to rise or become uneven. I know the 2 times this was the worst in our 19 year marriage was on our old water bed and on our sleep number bed. The sleep number was the worst bed I have ever owned. We threw it out.

We have had our Tempurpedic Celebrity for about 4 years now and we still love it. When we travel the one thing we always say is that we cannot wait to get home to our bed. No other bed is quite the same.
That being said I do want to mention 2 items that seem to come out a lot on the memory foam in general and my personal take on it.
First issue is the heat. Yes it is a little warmer. I bought the tempurpedic mattress pad and it helped tremendously. My husband who is always hot does not complain ever and we live in phoenix where summer is 105 at night.
Second issue is that it does soften up over time. on a cold night it may be hard at first until you lay down, but after a half hour it will be perfect.
Now the last thing I want to mention is that I have Fibromyalgia and spend a tremendous amount of time in bed. When I have flareups I may be in bed for 2 days. I find that with my pressure points and the long times in bed I do get a little sore, but again it is because I lay on one side for hours at a time and I am overweight. This is one of the worst things for FM patients is to stay in bed too long but sometimes it is unavoidable. Also we bought this bed because my husband likes a firmer bed than me but since he can sleep anywhere and I am lucky if I sleep at all, he has decided that I win. For this reason we are looking at getting the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. This is a much softer mattress and I am hoping it will help with the pressure issues.
Overall the Tempurpedic is the best mattress ever. If it were not for my FM I would keep the one I have but I currently want a slightly softer one. I would look at their website and make sure to choose the one wiht the appropriate firmness for you.

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Save your money I've have the Deluxe bed queen and also the comfort Pillows. the pillows after couple years go flat. have ridges in them. Not worth the price. And the bed. OMG. the price. is all Tempur-pedic cares about They say NO to refund.
the first bed has almost 7 months barly could get out of it.
back hurt so bad.but the bed had rips on the so called memory foam. when the guy's come to replace they asked where I bought this mattress. I tols them at Grands. His answer was I have never seen a bed made that way before..... Lucky me. Now the second one now we used 2 1/2 half years. the bed feels like your laying on a board it kills your back and kidneys. I've have a warranty claim on it now at tempur_pedic. I'll never buy another one. your better off
buying you a big air matress. LOL the beds are nothing but a money racket.......... but if you do buy be sure save your recipt........ or your screwed. You will need it later on I promise.....

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After 20 years on the best Sterns and Foster top of the line at a cost of $3000.00 or more, my husband, as advised by two friends decides we need a new mattress. And that because of their advise due to back issues which he shares, decides that we need a TemperPedic. First, this is one of the most expensive mattresses with the exception of a custom model or the Home Collection one. Secondly, it is hard as rock, causes me to sweat during the night, and probably is not enviornmently safe. After giving the "Brick" the three week trial, I had to order a feather bed topper which helps. My husband loves it and says his back issues have improved. I would advise anyone to test them and research all the different models carefully. This is not a mattress for everyone. I believe that two people who share a bed can somehow compromise by approaching the purchase as one would purchase a car or perhaps a house.

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Mostly people suffered from back pain. Its very critical, i think choosing a mattress is a tough job?

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