Would I be crazy to buy a farm?

greenwood85(6b)January 31, 2009

Most people say yes, but it seems like new small organic farms are popping up all over the place and thriving. So I'll ask the folks who know. Would I be crazy to quit a good job to become an organic farmer? Is it possible to be successful as a start-up in the current political/economical climate in our country?

I am seriously considering a change of career. I've heard rumors that Obama may offer grants or incentives for farmers willing to practice responsible farming techniques(use of cover crops, crop rotation, etc.). That sounds good.

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Yes, yes I would.


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No, you would not be crazy. However, depending on living on the income from your farm from the very first is perhaps a little optimistic. We bought a run-down small farm almost two years ago--brought it back to where it isn't an eyesore anymore, and are planning on starting to make a little money on it this year. No way will we be able to make a profit--we are just hoping to meet some expenses and have even more fun.
If you can find a property at a reasonable price, if it meets your needs, and IF you are willing to work like the very devil and wait a few years for a return on investment, then go for it. It is a very rewarding way of life--the rewards just aren't monetary, at least at first.

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