Chicken won't eat!!!!!!

zzbetzimJune 2, 2010

I have 12, 18 week old pullets (6 Americanas, 6 Production Reds). I was moving them to their new coop when I noticed one of the americanas had most of the feathers over her butt pulled off. I decided to keep her where I kept the chickens previously and put the other 11 in their new home. When I came out the next morning she hadn't touched her food or water.

I had seen the other chickens eating random feathers laying around which I read is usually a sign of lack of protien. Could this be one of the reasons why they pulled out her feathers? What can I do to get her to eat(she currently has one of the gentler chickens with her right now so she probably isn't too lonely) and what can I do to make the others stop picking on her/eating feathers. This is my first time doing this and I'm about to drive myself crazy!!

Please help!


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