My pekin duck laid eggs; her mate was killed 2+ months ago

mrshJune 14, 2006

2 tame Pekin ducks wandered off the lake and into my yard around 2 months ago. The drake was killed most likely by a gator. His mate has stayed and within the last week has laid 11 eggs in a nest. Any chance that they could have been fertilized prior to his being killed?

She has a pinkish beak and extensive red, raised flesh from the end of her beak where it attached to her face and extends up and around her eyes. This red has increased in size within the past few weeks. Is this a sign of her maturing?

How can I check an egg to see if it was fertilized?

Thank you for your help to a novice duck owner.


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Claudia, by now you probably already know this, but it sounds like what you have are not Pekin ducks, but Muscovy ducks.

Also, they will only more than once a day, if that. So, no way could she have laid 11 eggs in the last week. Are you CERTAIN the other duck was a drake? If it was, you can bet they are fertile. Is she sitting on them? Pekins usually won't bother laying in a nest. The eggs are more like an inconvience to them, I think. Mine would leave them on the edge of the pond! Never once found two of her eggstogether.

Muscovies are good mothers...:)


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Many things eat ducks my Pekin was killed by a bobcat while I was in the yard. I screamed chased it and it wouldnt let go.
I do not even live in the boonies but the development is allowing these animals to get use to humans. My friend has a picture of one sitting on his porch!

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