Catmint fight

sweetwilliam89(5b)September 16, 2013

My better and I are having a fight (well actually more of a mild discussion) about catmint getting scraggly. In the past we�ve had a relatively small patch of catmint. Over time my wife came not to appreciate it much as she thought it was too scraggly. She tends to prefer plants that are neat and tidy. She surprised me tonight by she thought we needed to get a big patch of catmint. That it would make such a nice background. She�s thinking that the problem we ran into and why she stopped liking the catmint was because we had it in too confined, too small an area. I�m thinking if we get a BIG patch of it then it will just become a BIG area she doesn�t like the looks of. So I�m looking for advice to settle the great catmint fight.

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I think you are probably right. You can trim them down to keep them from getting quite so scraggly.

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My garden cats give mine a hair cut and then they lay on it so it has a scraggly smashed appearance. They have fresh breath and it makes them attack each other. I grow it for them so it rarely looks great.

I wonder how many cats in your area would be attracted to a big bed of cat mint??

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

Some catmint stays low growing and others get tall, be sure you know which one you are talking about.


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Our cat is an indoor girl, but there are three that wander the neighborhood (tantalizing the poor dog when she sees them prowling our yard) and, knock-wood, they never seem to bother my catmints. When I prune it back after bloom, it stays tidy and blooms again; if I don't it gets scraggly and flops all over the place.

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