My duckling has a runny nose.Normal?

j-megirl563August 12, 2007

O.K. I had a baby duck and he didnt make it.I got another one and he is a mallard also,but he doesnt look to much like Howard.His beak is HUGE.Really big beak. Is that normal? Also,he has a constant runny nose.Does that mean he is sick?I'm very concerned because I got him from some lady at an auction and when I got him he was covered in poop.He stunk so bad.I gave him a bath,but he still stinks really bad.Is that dangerous for my 4 year old.Could he have a disease? Also,his poop is brown and very very runny.Howard's was white and hard.I'm concerned because he came from a farm not wild or a hatchery.I need advice.Is he safe to keep around my son?What if he has a disease?PLEASE HELP ME! A.S.A.P Jayme

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