What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?

pedalpusher(z4 IA)September 15, 2005

I was listening to the radio this a.m. and the question was "What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?" I chuckled at many of the responses and thought it may be a fun question. I got a plastic manure scoop for my birthday once. At least it is one present from my EX husband that I'll never forget, still have the scoop to. What about you?

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A small scale to weigh the portions of your food!!!! I never used it and don't even know where it is......Bad, Bad, Bad and from my husband........

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My husband got me a mop for Christmas once.

My father spay painted a big flat shovel and manure fork gold and put a big red bow on them for Christmas. It was actually a welcomed present.

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My EX gave me an iron one year for an anniversary present. Real romantic he was...LOL. The worst part was ironing is the chore that I have to do that I like the least.

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Turtle_Haven_Farm(Z5 NY)

I got a frying pan one year, with a lid. And hot mitts. Told them all next time I get one of those, I'll hit the presenter in the head with it. Since it was cast iron, they wisely chose NOT to repeat that. Became a family joke LOL - Ellen

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DPallas(z6, SW Mo)

A little china figurine of a burro painted with flowers and carrying a basket, stamped "Occupied Japan" on the bottom. The giver claimed it was very valuable and rare, but you can get them at flea markets for $5. The individual had embezzeled my grandmother's entire estate and a pair of these little burros had sat on her knick-knack shelf for fifty years - when I wasn't making them dance on the kitchen table as a kid. It was supposed to be a "thank you for not suing me" gift.

They say Revenge is a dish best served cold and ain't it the truth. This person asked for help with a number of personal emergencies of her own making since then and finally quit asking when she tired of hearing What goes around comes around, sweetie. instead of Sure I'll help you out.

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That is sad about your grandmothers estate. I anticipate problems like that when my mother dies. What I first thought was a bad presant actually turned out very good. My x hubby was an avid bird hunter and one year he bought me a hunting dog for my birthday, springer spaniel. I was not pleased but she turned out to be the best dog I ever had, smarter than alot of people I know. I got rid of him but kept the dog.

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The one I counldn't return!

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

I got a toilet seat for Christmas. But I like it! It's art deco and quite colorful and fun. But DH's co workers thought he'd be divorced when he came back to work!

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For one Christmas my ex got me a garbage can and a twenty-two rifle. The rifle I liked, but I can't remember what I ever did with it. I practially grew up hunting, but this husband dared me to shoot off some cans he placed on a fence in a row. I shot them all off.......plink, plink, plink. One shell for each can. He made some sort of nasty comment about dumb luck and then I put the gun away and never shot it again. Notice I said ex husband.

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alex_z7(7 AL)

Something that was in the figure of a nurse and still had the original dime store(which had closed about 15 years earlier) price tag as well as the yard sale price tag with 10 cents on it.

I am in no way affiliated with the medical field!

It was a family joke to see who was going to get the tackiest "gift" each year from that particular grandmother.

DPallas, that is awful!

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Calliope, hmmmmm.....a shotgun and a trash can, together? I'd USE them together...shoot, shovel and shutup, as they say....*L* Personally I'd LOVE to get a good size cast iron skillet, those things aren't cheap and I love 'em! *L*

My ex one Christmas got me a bottle of cuticle conditioner and a package of those little wooden orangewood sticks (for doing your nails). That's it. He had plenty of time and money to shop, no excuses. At first I thought it was a joke and asked him what the joke was, I said I didn't get it. I just sat with that stuff in my lap and calmly stared at him for many minutes as he stammered and tried to come up with SOME explanation. He never could. This was as HE opened many beautiful gifts from me. Again, he is an EX and it's now a family story. Geez! *L*

Velvet ~:>

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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

Notice how many of these givers-of-horrible-gifts are EXs?

One Mothers Day my EX (of 20 years) gave me a can of spray adhesive for a headliner that was coming loose in my farm truck. He said the instructions were on the can.

I am now remarried to a wonderful caring man, thank goodness.

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My XDH's mother gave me a brass ash tray in the shape of a crab for Christmas 1978. I am not and never have been a smoker and she knew it. But she hated me and I hated her, and after he told me to call her and thank her for the ash tray, I hated him too.

Sad thing was, they adored my daughter from a previous marriage and gave her wonderful, beautiful and expensive gifts for every holiday and occasion and just for no other reason than they loved her so much. That was the only bad thing about getting rid of him and his hateful mother.

I didn't even bother to put the thing in a garage sale or give it to Salvation Army. It went in the trash on Christmas Day with the turkey carcass. Oh, and I never mentioned to the old biddy that I received it either. She asked too, I just ignored the question.

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I had a miscarriage back in early December and when Christmas rolled around, my husband just gave me a shirt from a sporting goods store to keep the mosquitoes off me while I garden. That wasn't so bad, I suppose, but when my birthday rolled around in January, he didn't give me anything at all. I was annoyed and hurt and told him that even though he thinks that birthdays and holidays are only for little children, they still mean something to me. Then my iguana died two days later. Then for Valentine's Day he gave me some dark chocolates and a silver bracelet with a sea turtle on it. I can't stand dark chocolate... it's HIS favorite, not mine. And as for the bracelet, we have three aquatic turtles, but his sister has several aquatic turtles and a tortoise. So when anyone mentions turtles, they only think of his sister. His sister was pregnant at the time and all I could think of when I saw the bracelet was how she was pregnant and I had miscarried. My husband said he didn't think about that when he gave the bracelet to me. Makes me wonder what he'll give me for our 10 year anniversary this year.

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Personally, I LOVE getting anything that is useful that I don't already have. Manure forks, irons (well, maybe not that -- who has time to iron?) but a new mop would be just dandy! Receiving and giving gifts has never been my favorite thing and shopping for gifts is sheer torture. I hate shopping more than scrubbing toilets. I'd rather dispense with these holidays altogether, and just give a gift when I feel moved to. I often give my husband gifts that I want, because that way, SOME one will get some use out of it! He does the same for me!

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circa, I'm sorry.

The most thoughtless gifts I've ever received have been for men.

The only birthday present that I ever received from my former-husband was the year that he asked if I'd pick something out for myself.

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brdldystlu(5b Mo)

When my mother passed away my brothers wife decided to chim in on every thing that was worth anything, or had any emotional attachment. My Mom had my grandmothers(her mothers) Whitehouse cookbook. I had spent many of hours looking through this cookbook book growing up. It is a neat book, and had notes in it from my Grandmother in it. Well gee my sister out law ended up with it. That following Christmas what did I get, a brand new copy of the book. My sister out law even wrote a little note in it to me. I don't even remember what she wrote in it as I brought it home and put it into a box of cookbooks that I will never look at. One day I might sell it, but I thought this was the coldest, un loving thing anyone could ever do. I so hate this person.

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i got a dancing chicken that sings, the chicken dance song for our anniversary from my boyfriend.

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i got a dancing chicken that sings, the chicken dance song for our anniversary from my boyfriend.

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